Up until 1975, Slocum was unprotected from fires because of the lack of a fire department. Slocum residents had to rely on the Elkhart and Grapeland fire departments. In 1975, a house in Slocum caught fire and was destroyed. This prompted a few men to get together and create the Slocum Volunteer Fire Department. Someone donated the old mechanic and filling station in Slocum for the fire department's use. The original station still remains there today. The men started with an international Scout, then later upgraded to two 1967 Chevrolets. To keep the fire department running, they decided to have a fundraising BBQ. The 2nd weekend of May proved to be very profitable.  Even today, this is the only annual fundraiser for the fire department. The community is very supportive of the fire department. In 1998, growing out of its station, Slocum built its current station behind the old filling station. The Slocum Fire Department has grown in tremendous leaps and bounds since the day it was created. Slocum has 8 apparatus now, 5 of which are located in Slocum, with the other 3 located in Denson Springs. The fire department attributes its success to the community. Without the support of the community, the fire department wouldn't be what it is today. Slocum Volunteer Fire Department will for many more years, proudly serve Slocum and other surrounding communites.